Welcome to Transformaculturetm, a new way of growing edibles that uses the power of fungi, in particular, the meadow mushroom, to create a well structured nutritious growing mix for plants.

Transformaculturetm is a system with a set of guidelines to utilise common plant waste in conjunction with rock dust to replicate the processes that happen in the wild.

The result of following these principles is a bountiful crop of mushrooms and healthy plants without having to deal with the problems of composting.


  • The system suits small scale local initiatives, urban farmers, lifestylers and marketeers.
  • The Transformaculturetm system of growing mushrooms has a low environmental impact, almost no smell even at 5 metres, very low water use and no runoff.
  • The growing medium produced by the system is suitable for growing produce for sale at the farm gate or farmer's market.

Transformaculturetm is the result of 20 years research into agaricus or meadow mushroom growth habits and capacity for adaptability and we see the ecomushrooms produced from this process as a parallel product to conventionally grown mushrooms.


Transformaculturetm is well suited to small scale local production by people interested in providing genuine protein alternatives that do not rely on the industrial farming of animals or their by-products.

We are excited at the prospect of Transformaculturetm being used in developing nations for income, soil improvement and worker health and safety.

The technology is going to be available via a set of online courses and online conferencing with the idea of minimising air flights and general use of fuel.

  • The ecomushrooms produced using  Transformaculturetm  practices keep well, are healthy and are not exposed to any faecal contaminants or residues of veterinary medications.
  • Ecomushrooms have been very well received in market trials. 


  • We are looking for growers around the world to develop their own networks

  • We are looking for manufacturers that deal with crop residues to make the growing medium.

  • Please register your interest at the email address below and we will reply with more information and discuss how a support group could be started in your area.



Tim Thornewell Mycological Developments Ltd 2020